Colored Eye Make Up: How to Use it and How to Make Your Eyes Pop

Colored Eye Liner and Mascara can be such a statement look. It is a fun change from the run of the mill browns and blacks that most people stick to. Whether you are known for a smokey eye or a more monochrome lid, throwing a colored liner or mascara into the mix can really show off your personality and, yes, even your eyes! Colored mascara and eyeliner can make your eye color pop and if you utilize the below strategies correctly, you won’t be able to stop turning heads.



  1. If You Have Blue Eyes

Blue eyes always pop on a lot of people, but to show them off even more, a nice touch of violet eye liner or mascara is the way to go! I know your instinct will generally shift toward using blue eyeliner and mascara, and while this isn’t a bad idea, it may look too uniform and match a little too much to your eye color. The violet accent will bring out the deep blue ocean tones in your eyes, while still providing some contrast.



  1. If You Have Green Eyes

Now, if you have green eyes, the same rule above applies, using a green mascara or eyeliner will match a little too perfectly and may not have the same popping effect. Green eyes also have the luxury of a few different colors helping them stand out. The first color is blue. Blue mascara will add a strong pop of color which will enhance the natural brightness in your eyes. Another option is burgundy mascara. It is true that opposites attract, therefore when you pair red mascara with green eyes, you’re unstoppable! And, because red and purple are close on the color wheel, you can steal a bit of your blue-eyed friends purple mascara for the same effect as well.



  1. If You Have Brown Eyes

Now, for my brown eyed girls out there, don’t get bored with your eyes just yet. A lot of people with brown eyes find them uninteresting, but that is simply not the case and you can add to their already natural beauty with almost any boldly colored liner or mascara. That’s right, you are the luckiest color of all because your eyes can match with any color! If you want a little more guidance, a blue eyeliner or mascara is a great place to start when you are wanting to make your classic brown eyes pop.


  1. If You Have Hazel Eyes

Many with hazel eyes might think they can follow the same rules as green or blue eyes, but you actually get your own eye color instructions. A touch of blue eye liner or mascara can really make your hazel eyes the hit of your glam look. You can also utilize a green shade as well. The great thing about hazel eyes is that they have a mixture of green and blue shades, meaning that, unlike how blue and green eyes should avoid matching their eye-color directly, you can utilize both because you are simply bringing out these hues in the process.


How to do it!

Now you may be wondering how you even go about successfully using these bold colors without looking like a clown or like you did it by accident, right? Don’t worry, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be addicted to a bold eye make-up look. Here are some tips to help you start out!


  1. Pick a Single Color

If you are just diving into brightly colored glam looks, you don’t have to go full rainbow right out of the gate. Ease your way in with just one color at first. Pick a shade and build on top of that from there! It’s not all or nothing.


  1. You Can Still Be Comfortable

You don’t have to step completely outside of your comfort zone. You can still stay in your preferred color range. You’re just raising the lights a little bit. If you are not comfortable, it’s not fun, so make sure you still feel good.


  1. Use Liner to Start

You don’t have to go with a full brightly colored eye shadow look right out of the gate either. It might be easier to start off with just a bold eye liner color and sticking to your comfortable eye shadow shades. You can do a full winged liner or even just a subtle pop on your water line. Whatever the case may be, starting with a nice colored liner is a great steppingstone.


  1. Give It a Test Run

You don’t have to try this look out right before going out on the town with your friends. In fact, give it a stress-free trial run on a day when you aren’t going anywhere to test the waters. If you like it and feel good, then you should definitely put it into action. It can be fun to experiment with a new make-up look without the pressure of making sure it looks good.


  1. Don’t Forget to Blend!

Blending is incredibly important when doing any look with eye shadow, but it is even more important when dealing with bright and vibrant colors. You don’t want to color block your eye lids with neon shadow.


  1. Start Out with Less

It is much easier to add a little more color versus taking a little color off. That’s why you should start out small and add to it if you feel like you need more of a color pop. A little goes a long way with these bright colors as well so it’s important to take it easy.


  1. Rock it!

The most important tip of all is to feel confident and good in this fun, bold, and exciting make up look you’re experimenting with! As long as you feel good and are rocking it, you look good! That’s all that matters.

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