5 Face Painting Tips for Parents

All parents have been in the following scenario: Your small child saw something on a TV show or a cool activity at the fair and will not stop talking about it, thus forcing you to look into figuring out how to do it at home. A lot of kids go to a birthday party or the carnival, get their face painted, and suddenly it’s their new obsession and it’s all they want to do with their time. Maybe they even have a birthday themselves coming up and they want all of their friends at their party to have the option to get their face painted as well. Hiring a professional is one option, but, contrary to popular belief, you can very easily be the face painter for your kid’s party with the right tools, tips and tricks. Below are 5 face painting tips for those parents in need!


  1. Don’t use craft glitter

 When embarking on a face painting journey with your precocious child, the topic of glitter is likely to come up. If you hadn’t thought it through, you may run through your mind to see if there is any old glitter hanging around the house. However, it should be said now, don’t use craft glitter on your kid’s face! Craft sparkles are sharper on the edges as they take on a more angular shape, which means they can be harder to get out of someone’s eye if they fall in. Using glitter specifically made for the face instead of craft glitter is a much better option because those sparkles are round and are much less likely to get stuck in the eye if they fall in. Here at Maydear, several of our Face Painting Kits already come with the best glitter for your creative painting fun. Or if you plan on using a lot of glitters of various colors, you may also check out these Tattoo Glitter Kits.


  1. Stencils change the game

 If your kid wants you to be their personal face painter, you may become nervous if you don’t naturally have an artistic flair. Don’t fear! We have collections of reusable stencils here at Maydear, and they come with most of the kits as well, that toss the artistic fear out the window. No need to worry about whether you can draw a butterfly, skull and cross bones, or a fairy, because our stencils have got you covered.


  1. Proceed with caution around the eyes

 Using eye make up on the eyes instead of the paint can make a world of a difference. This lowers the chance of irritation and even though our face paint won’t damage your kid’s eyes, if it drips in there, it is certainly not a comfortable experience. Also, it is a small window of time where a small child will sit perfectly still, which can make going around the eyes with a wet brush all that more challenging. Diving into mom’s stash of eye shadow can make this part of the face painting experience easier for both parent and child.


  1. You don’t need any crazy brushes

 There’s no need to buy the most expensive brushes that were specifically created for face paint or even make a separate purchase. With our fully equipped face painting kits, you get the perfect brushes for your face painting needs! However, we do offer a beautiful set of brushes if you want to get better equipped. Or you can even dive into your own personal stash of make-up brushes, if you have them. Just give those make up brushes a quick scrub and you’ll be locked and loaded to have some face painting fun! You can even use regular synthetic art brushes or even Q-Tips, cotton balls, and many other make up tools to get that much crazier on this face painting journey.


  1. At the end of the day, keep baby oil on hand

 Although proper face paint is very easy to remove with the simple and classic combo of soap and water, baby oil can really grind in there to wipe that stuff off your child’s face in seemingly one go. Another fun fact, scotch tape can even help lift off some of the glitter! Since we all know children are squirmy and very reluctant to allow you to wipe anything on their faces, you need a fast and effective solution to removing face paint after a long day of party fun. Baby oil is the quick answer you’ve been waiting for!


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