10 Ways to Achieve a No Make-Up Look

Make-up is an art form. Many people these days are doing full glam, beautiful and intricate make up designs. However, within all of the fancy full face looks, the “natural” no make-up look is still a great one to achieve. Below are 10 ways to get that no make-up, make-up look.


  1. Take care of your skin first


Make up is an incredibly fun tool to use, but it is equally, if not more, important to take care of the skin underneath it all. Your skin is your biggest organ and absorbs everything you put on it so it is important to make sure you are cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing to give your skin a well-rounded health routine. It is also essential to make sure you fully remove make up after use. If you tend to notice that your skin breaks out after sleeping on a full face of make-up, there’s a reason. Specifically, utilizing a hydrating face mask before you go for a natural make up look can even bring your skin that nice natural dewy glow.


  1. Use Primer


Primer is your best friend when going for a low-key make-up look. This provides a very smooth base for the rest of your make up to stand on. There are varying types of primers that focus on different things. Pore filling primers will provide you with that smooth skin look without clogging your skin and can prevent foundation from getting deep into your pores as well. However, you can also use an illuminating primer that will give you a natural glow.


  1. Don’t pack on foundation


Foundation may provide the strongest coverage, but it is hard to blend into a natural layer. Thick and full foundation coverage is a useful technique, but not when going for a natural vibe. Go for the tinted moisturizers, BB creams or CC creams instead. These will also provide your skin with some extra moisturization while still showing through any freckles or mild imperfections. Remember, a natural look would show through some of those things you’d think you should normally cover. Therefore, light coverage is the key to achieving neutrality.


  1. Find a lightweight concealer


You don’t have to forego all types of coverage. If those dark circles under your eyes are just too poignant or you have a zit that you’d really rather hide as best as you can, you may go for a lightweight concealer. Dab small amounts on the specific areas and blend with your fingers. A lightweight concealer will blend better as some of the thicker concealers will reveal exactly where you tried to rub them in. This allows you to go “natural” without totally steering into the skid of “natural.”


  1. Choose cream over powder


Creams are the ideal tool for blending into the skin. They even look more natural than powders because powders remove the shine from the face and can even bring forth a cakey look sometimes. When you use creams, you still allow your skin to provide you with that natural shine. So, after applying your BB cream and concealer, blend in a cream bronzer with a damp sponge to give that creamy, hydrated look. You can set this with a light layer of powder, but a setting spray can get the job done as well.


  1. Highlight


This entire article, we have been talking about that shiny and hydrated look. Highlight is your best friend when making sure this comes through. Highlighting lightly on your cheek bones, under your eyebrows and even the tip of your nose can bring our look from a two to a ten. Highlight gives your skin the shine it is searching for.


  1. Don’t forget blush


Just because we see blush being used mainly for those full glam looks, doesn't mean it can't be used here. A healthy and natural face should also have some rosy color in the cheeks. Very lightly and delicately, apply a lightweight rouge to your cheeks under your cheekbones. This can be a powder or a cream. Whichever method you choose, make sure to go slowly and apply in extremely small amounts until you achieve that natural rosy cheek color.


  1. Play with your brow brush


It is no secret that eyebrow styles have vastly evolved even over the past decade. Nowadays, thick brows are the trend which is a wonderful change! Now it’s time to play with your brows. Bush up your brows with your brow pencil. Make them puffy and a little imperfect. Your thick brows are your friend and should be utilized.


  1. Mascara is always optional


You can opt in or out of mascara for this look. That one is up to you. If you do decide to go for a layer of mascara, make it light. Nothing can pull you out of the natural make up look more than notably mascara-ed lashes. Quick, light definition from your mascara is the goal. If you have shorter and thinner eye lashes, curling your lashes can help this easy mascara method as well.


  1. Lightly color your lips


Lip color is another delicate element of the natural look. Don’t go for the bold colors for this one. There are many clear or very pale lip colors that boost the natural hue of your pink lips.

Think of this as the blush for your lips or Chapstick with a tint. This should be a very light addition but adding a moisturized look to your lips can become the cherry on top of this no make-up, make-up look.


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