5 Face Painting Tips for Parents

A lot of kids go to a birthday party or the carnival, get their face painted, and suddenly it’s their new obsession and it’s all they want to do with their time. Maybe they even have a birthday themselves coming up and they want all of their friends to have the option to get their face painted as well. Contrary to popular belief, you can very easily be the face painter for your kids or even for their birthday party with the right tools, tips and tricks. Below are 5 face painting tips for those parents in need!

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A Brief History of Face Painting

... answering these intricating questions:

What is Face Painting?

The Ritualistic Side of Body and Face Painting in indigenous tribes

What are Body and Face Paints made of?

How did Face Painting Become a Modern Practice?

How Face and Body Painting Came to What it is Today?

Face Painting and Mardi Gras - How to Paint a Marti Gras Mask?

Face painting for Halloween,  Birthday, or Just Any Day

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5 Must Know Safety Tips for Face Painting

Face Painting is an incredibly fun and exciting activity. While generally a harmless creative outlet, there are things to note to ensure safety when painting faces, especially when painting multiple faces in the same setting. Here are 7 of the must know safety tips for your face painting journey.

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Permanent, Semi-Permanent or Temporary Hair Dye?

Hair dye is a fun and affordable way to transform your look and add a little excitement to life. A new hair color may seem like a dramatic step. In some cases, hair dye can last until your hair grows out. Thankfully, there are a few different hair dye options---some of which are temporary. If you want to change your hair color for a party, a holiday, or a special occasion, there are some vibrant hair color options that will wash out the next day. If your son tells you that he wants bright green hair---never fear. Temporary hair dye will give your little one the easily reversible green hair of his dreams.

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Colored Eye Make Up: How to Use it and How to Make Your Eyes Pop

Colored Eye Liner and Mascara can be such a statement look. It is a fun change from the run of the mill browns and blacks that most people stick to. Whether you are known for a smokey eye or a more monochrome lid, throwing a colored liner or mascara into the mix can really show off your personality and, yes, even your eyes! Colored mascara and eyeliner can make your eye color pop and if you utilize the below strategies correctly, you won’t be able to stop turning heads.     If You Have Blue Eyes Blue eyes always pop...

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