Q: Do the UV face paints actually glow in the dark?
A: They do not glow by themselves, you need to have UV light. But the colors are really vibrant under UV light, with no smear at all.
Q: Can the stencils included in the face painting kits be used for journaling, cards, rock painting, glass painting, etc.? I'm doing lots of different kinds of craft with my kids.
A: Yes, the stencils also work well for these other projects. But when applying to wood or rock, please make sure the contact surface is smooth, clean and dry, to obtain best results, and to keep the stencils in good condition for future uses.
Q: Can the stencils be used with airbrush?
A: Yes, of course.
Q: Are the stencils reusable?
A: Yes, after one use, you can clean the stencil and stick it back for future uses. Normally every image can be used several times until there is no stickiness left. 
Q: Will colored hair stain hats, pillows, etc.?
A: The chalks are temporary and water based, if you don't wash them off before going to bed, it would stain pillows a bit. But if that does happen, it's really easy to wash the colors off any pillow cases or clothes.
Q: Is the glyceryl stearate or any other ingredient coconut derived or dairy derived?
A: None of the ingredients, including glyceryl stearate, is dairy derived, but plant derived.
Q: Will it stain light hair?
A: No, the colors come off with water .
Q: Would these show up in red hair? 
A: Yes, they work well in most natural hair colors. Even in darker hair, they work very well if properly applied.